KAISHA are an exciting up-and-coming band from the hills of Melbourne. Forming as a trio in 2012, but with a collective musical history of 15 years behind them, KAISHA are a distinct fusion of Middle-Eastern rock, and progressive, shamanic sound-scapes. With diverse influences such as The Tea Party, A Perfect Circle and Dead Can Dance, KAISHA are carving out a unique sound previously unheard in the Australian music scene. KAISHA are: Kaisha Hekimian on lead vocals, oud and twelve-string acoustic guitar, Ivy Hekimian on keyboards, piano accordion, vocals, and Djulz Chambers on djembe and darbuka.  

With the launch of their debut EP The End of the Divide: Chapter 2 in April 2013 being described as  "…[the] haunting tension, a masterful effort." by Inpress Magazine (2013), KAISHA are impressing audiences and critics alike, with what is an exceptional union of intense acoustic rock, middle-eastern traditional rhythms, and a fearless lyrical sensitivity, that originates from the ancient soul of their Armenian-Australian background.

2018 so far has been an exciting year for the band, with performances at Seven Sisters Festival, while also working on new material for their next CD, to be released late 2018. KAISHA is currently receiving amazing support from community radio across Australia and is preparing for an American/Canadian
tour in June 2019.

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